Set parameter in nested family

Hi everyone,
I have a Family that is composed with nested families. I need to read the parameter “Offset” about these nested families and insert that in a Revit schedule. I don’t know why but this is impossibile (I have just searched in another forum).
Now I create a in the nested family a shared parameter (instance) and I call it “Offset 1”. I want read with dynamo the offset value and write it on “Offset 1” in nested family.
I try to use “element set parameter by name” but it show me an error “The parameter is read-only”.

How can I set that parameter?

the family needs to be shared, i think

Give a try to below .

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I have a shared nested family. I forgot to write in topic.

I can read the parameter about the nested family but I can’t overwrite them. I can write on “Comments” or “Mark” but I don’t want to write hese parameter.

Is it giving you an error of any kind when you try, or just not working? Are you using correct (same) units between the two parameters and not changing to text or string along the way?

The units are the same between two parameters. I see a notifcation “The parameter is read-only”.

Can you set said parameters in the UI?

I can’t set these parameters in the project when I select the nested family

Then the family will need to be revisited. If you can’t do it in the UI, it usually means you can’t do it in Dynamo.

I think you should look at Orchid package from GitHub unless your willing to do some python. You need to open the family and possibly the nested family Document to make edits on them. It’s a little hard to know based on the limited information you have provided this far.

This is how I watch when I select nested family. I want to set the parameter I highlighted in red. It isn’t linking with family parameter. In dynamo I can’t set this parameter.

I’m searching a solution without python. I have found a solution that is a compromise: create a new project parameter and assign it at generic model. This isn’t the best solution I know, but this is the fastest. What do you think about?

Hi! Im facing now the same “problem” but it’s the way Revit works. You can modify shared parameters of nested families only if you are inside the host family and then you reload it inside the project. You can bypass this process linking the nested family parameters to the ones in the host family. But I havent found any workround unless i run the script inside the host family.