Set parameter by name (family type, type of parameter)

Hello all,

I just started to experiment with dynamo, and I’ve got some things working with an excel to revit workflow. But now I’ve hit some problems.

I want to set a parameter from my excel list (see picture below)

But this one is a family type, type of parameter.

I’ve got the text in the string exactly the same as the family type, but it still wont read.

Does anyone know how I can get this kind of parameter to communicate with excel?

Select the Family Type from the Family Types node dropdown

Thank you very much, I used a slightly different node but it seems to be able to select the right string now!

But now It’s given another warning

Now it doesn’t recognize the right parameter, but this is the actual parameter name. (I also tried with “BRA_type_kleppen”, but that doesn’t seem to work either.)

EDIT: I’m sorry I think that that’s my own problem, it doesn’t seem to recognize any of the parameters in the model so I probably made a mistake somewhere else!

So it cant be done from a excel list ?

No, I couldn’t get it to work. I just changed the family so I didn’t need a family type parameter anymore.

ok. Thanx for the reply :+1: