Set override color of elements on a section view

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I have a scrip that allows me to change the color of different platforms depending on their height based on level 0 of my project. And everything works correctly, but when I modify the colors of the elements in a section view, the modifications are only made in the projection line and the surface pattern, I would like it to be done in the cutting patterns as well. To change the color I use the Element.OverrideColorInView node
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I would recommend using view templates or adding view filters for specified views, created and set with Dynamo of course.

This previous forum post should provide insight on how to build your graph to create filters.

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I currently have a overall rack plan that overrides all conduit, conduit fittings and generic models in a view. Rather then have 100’s of filters we run this script to search for a Assembly Name based upon the View Name (view name contains the Assembly Name). It then gets all the things that do not contain that name and overrides its view by element. Not exactly what you’re doing bit could be modified I think for what you’re asking for.