Set multiple values to one parameter

Ok, so here is another one which I cannot get my head around…

I have a list of detail components (1). Also, I have a list of Type Marks (2)(obtained from a set of walls off screen). Using SetParameterByName I want to set these Type Marks to the detail components. It seems the value input does not allow for me to insert multiple values? How can I get this to work? I think I am missing something very obvious here… Transform to lists? Strings? Other nodes? Your help is (again) very much appreciated!


If the length of your element list matches the input list it should just copy the information as per [0][0], [1][1], [2][2]. Using the OOTB nodes works fine in this example as below. If they are different lengths you will need to alter your list structure.

Hi Rene,

Try this you can assign with “Element.SetParameterValueByName” node. Use “Element types” From Clock work Package.