Set Multiple Parameters to Multiple Families


I have been searching the forum & google to be able to set multiple parameters to multiple families at ounce. I have come across the replication guide, but when I try to run it I’m getting an error and all the families are set the same values for each of the different parameters.

What am I missing on this?

Set_Multiple_Family_Multiple_Parameters.dyn (7.2 KB)
Set_Multiple_Family_Multiple_Parameters.rvt (456 KB)

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Hi Matt,

I fixed it for you try this script Set_Multiple_Family_Multiple_Parameters(Kulkul).dyn (7.3 KB)


Thanks @Kulkul

It runs and updates, but still throws an error which is due to the “null” values. I added a fix for that as I know I have null in my larger graph, so I just replaced the null value with “” which works well.

Also I found another convoluted way of doing what I needed but it’s messy. I’ll stick with the first method as this one is to many nodes. :slight_smile: