Set line style of detail line using "element.setparameterbyname"

I am trying to change the line style of a detail line which I inserted in a view. I found several similar posts about this on this forum but the solutions do not seem to work in my case or are slightly so different from my case.

The node Element.SetParameterByName does not work: “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The parameter’s storage type is not a string.”. Is the Value input incorrect? Or the “detailline” output to “element” input?

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter!


Revit 2015 / Dynamo

Hi Rene,

You need to feed Line Style (Graphic Style) not a string value. Parameter storage of a line style is Graphic Style. Good Luck!


Thank you for your suggestion, Kulkul! I replicated your solution but unfortunately it seems as though the node “Get All Line Styles” by ArchiLab package does not work! It gives a ‘traceback’ error which I do not know what it means. What should I do?

Try archi-lab’s “Get Line Style by Name” node instead.

I get the same Traceback message… Any other ideas? Why doesn’t this work for me? I’m on Revit 2015, Dynamo and archi-lab 2016.2.10.


I have modified the script try this Set Line Styles


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That worked perfectly, Kulkul! Thank you so much for your help.