Change line style name

Hi everybody

I am trying to change the name of my Line Styles - by using Archi-Lab “Get All Line Styles” and set parameter by name…

This is the most forward way of doing it, but i can figure out if it is the right way…

At least it doesn’t work - the error says: “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The parameter is read-only.

Does anybody know a better way - or can point me in direction towards a solution…

Hi K.Vistgaard,

Your using values as “String”. You need to use “Line Style” type. Refer this link

Good Luck!

Hi Kulkul

Yep, could imagine that this is the problem. And yes, at the refered blog, you get and change a line style.

But I want to get all Line Styles in the Revit Model, and change the Name of them… Not just one selected…

Then in that case you need to read this topic

In that topic “Konrad” has shown very nice workflow how to change fill pattern name. you can use that as reference and change Line Styles names.

Good Luck!

Yep… That seems more like it. :slight_smile:

But it’s a tough one. I will have a go soon. Let you know if i succeed. :slight_smile:

But thanks so far…!!

I have the same issue but I couldn’t open the above link, any suggestions please??