Set instance parameter value of a selected object

Hello All, was hoping i can get some help on this topic. here is what i am trying to do: select elements in revit, get the value of the “volume” parameter (of selected element), perform a simple multiplication, then write the result of the multiplication to the value of the “Comments” parameter (of the same selected element). unfortunately i cannot get the last step to work. What am i doing wrong?

I have attached what I have so far

Weight test

The value of the comments parameter should be a string, so you’ll have to convert your calculated value to a string before you try to set the parameter.

Ah…that did it. Thank you!

Hi everyone, I´m having some issues with the “set parameter by name” node, it was working fine yesterday but now it does nothing, not even a warning. I even tried using a similar node from the springs package but still nothing. Some other nodes started behaving wierd also, some nodes report only “null” but information is stil passing through them. As you can see in the image the “get parameter value by name” is working, but the other does nothing, any ideas?? Thanksset param

solved it reading another post…lacing needed to be in “longest”

EDIT…arrgghhhhhh now it´s not working again!!

EDIT#2…the node works when I open a blank file and test it out, it´s just stoped working on my project, can dynamo files get corrupted in a way that this starts to happen?