Set IfcExportAs and IfcExportType parameter by Buildingsmart standards


I’m trying to fill my IfcExportAs, IfcExportType parameters by the building smart standards.

Can I do this with Dynamo or is there a better to do it?

I use a lot of familys without the “classification” and the “Ifc export parameters”

I like to hear a response.


Jan Willem

According to the help they are just regular shared parameters, you can modify them just like any shared parameters.


I know this way, but i have a lot of familys and want to set a bulk.


Doesn’t it work if you simply add the shared parameter in the project? It has to be added inside each family?

If it doesn’t work, you can run a graph or python script on multiple files with RevitBatchProcessor:

In this case: export all families from the project, run batchprocessor on them, reload them to project.

Thanks for youre reply

We have fill for every family this parameters, its really alot of work to do.
I’ve already a script who create the shared parameter to every family and type.

Right now I need to fill them with this export types:

I don’t have any knowledge of python.

Your link to the ifc docs doesn’t really help as it just points to the startpage of the documentation.

RevitBatchProcessor can also run dynamo graphs, not just python.

Are you sure the builtin ifc-category mapping is not suitable for your use case? Afaik this ifcexportas and ifcexporttype parameters are only needed if you want to override the mapping on the family level. I can’t see why you want to add this parameters to all families.

If you don’t now about this mapping table:

a while back i saw a post that someone used the classification manager for Revit and did this based on the NlSfb codes. you have to make a database once and then every element gets an exportsas and an export type.

Hi, that is what im looking for. Do you know where to find it?

google revit classification manager, its an autodesk app