Set dynamo player default version


Short version:

Is there a way to set the version of dynamo that the dynamo player in Revit uses to 2.0 instead of 1.3?

Long version:

We have created all of our dynamo tools in dynamo 2.0+. If your workstation contains multiple major versions of Dynamo, e.g, Dynamo 1.x and Dynamo 2.x, Dynamo Player will start with whichever version you select for Dynamo for that session. If you open the player without starting regular dynamo in that session it defaults to version 1.3, and will crash when users try to run our tools. I would just uninstall 1.3 on everyone’s machines, but anytime there is a Revit update it will reinstall it automatically. I tell everybody to make sure they run regular dynamo first and select 2.0 before using the player, but most of our users think dynamo is designed by aliens and have no idea what I’m talking about even after I walk them through it once. So inevitably somebody tries to run the player first, and then run a 2.0 tool with 1.3 selected and “dynamo needs attention” and crashes the computer. Is there a configuration file somewhere, or a preferences file or something where I can set users dynamo player to always use dynamo 2.0+ by default so I can stop getting phone calls from detailers complaining about how “these fancy dynamo tools that are supposed to be making things faster keep crashing my machine”.



@bzz thoughts?


What version of Revit are you using ?I suspect installing Dynamo 1.3 (this is part of Revit update as you mentioned) overwrites some startup dll which is responsible to figure out which version of Dynamo to use. I think that if you install Dynamo 2.0 after the Revit update Player will know to default to 2.0

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The latest version of 2019. I’ll try reinstalling 2.0 tomorrow and see if that sets it as default. Although if that’s what it takes and Revit will revert back to 1.3 when it updates or gets installed that may be no better than just uninstalling 1.3 every update.

Maybe if 1.3 never gets uninstalled it won’t update and change the default though. Will experiment tomorrow and post back.

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Interesting topic. And in my opinion this isn’t limited to dynamo player, but also goes for dynamo itself.

:bulb: Revit.ini with extra lines:


“2” triggers the major version so the subversion doesn’t matter.


Reinstalling dynamo v2 does not set it as default.


After some further tinkering with this it seems the only thing the player is doing is NOT giving you the prompt to select version like running regular dynamo does. It defaults to 1.3. So if you start the player, close it, then go to regular dynamo and try to open a 2.0 script it will error out because the current session version has been set to 1.3. A simple solution may just be to the dynamo player give you the same prompt as running regular dynamo for the first time in a session asking you to set the dynamo version you want to use for that session.

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I had the same problem. Simply go to C: -> Program files -> Dynamo

Then delete everything you see that has the version you do not want the player to open. I deleted the default version from both the Dynamo core file and the Dynamo Revit file.