Set dimension to parameter

I try to add some refplane and dimensions into a family. That is done.
Now i want to add a parameter to a dimension. Is that possible? (i did not tried python yet)

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jwroelofs

Are you trying to add global parameter?

Alle in the family

Hi @Kulkul

Can you add an global parameter to a dimension?? With Dynamo? the technik should a kind of the same.

Greeting Jan-Willem

This should get you started:

Thanks @Kulkul i give it a try, I have to translate it to pyhton. If you got a example, whould by very very great.
10 years old post from The Buidling Coder i never thought about that.

Thanks, great to have a direction.


I didn’t find a node to associate a label with a dimension but it’s easy to make a new one :