I want to assign the dimensions of a support family

Hello to everyone,
I want to create a dynamo to automatically assign the length measure of a supporting family created in a project. Can anyone help?

Why not just use a parameter in the family? It surely has a parameter already to set its support length.

Beyond this if there is no support look into raycasting nodes from bimorph or data shapes that can find the closest objects in a model above a point.

If you need more help than that then you’ll need to do some scripting first I think.

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I leave the support example need the length I marked. how can I do it?

Isn’t that a parameter in the support family?

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After selecting the family, what parameters show up in the properties pallet?

This element does not appear as a parameter,I need to print the size of this model on it

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This element does not appear as a parameter, I need to print the size of this model on it

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Bu eleman bir parametre olarak görünmüyor, üzerine bu modelin boyutunu yazdırmam gerekiyor

In that case please upload a small sample containing the family in place of its host so we can see what is possible. Screenshots aren’t able to solve this one.

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SPRINKLER 2500.rfa (780 KB)
I have attached the sample file and the screenshot. Like the measurement example I shared in the screenshot, I need to measure this element, which is the pipe support element in the whole plan, please help.

@candok4545 , sorry for the late reply, all I can think of is a nested shared dummy family to locate the dimension’s line, maybe if someone else can generate a line without getting the heavy geometry within Dynamo , it would be better…hope this helps (GeniusLoci Package for the dimensions nodes):

SPRINKLER 2500.rfa (884 KB)

Can’t you just add these two values together? This can be done in the family in a third parameter, in a schedule using a calculated value, or in Dynamo using element.getparamatervaluebyname nodes.

I’m having to assume how this family behaves when you place it in a model as I only have the .rfa file, not a model using it.

i could not find this node .
can u send this python code?

I need to add these two parameters and write the value below. But I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me?

In the formula field of the third parameter, write the two parameter names with a plus between them (+)


I created the parameter. Now how can I transfer the dimensions on it for all the support elements?

Can you help with dynamo coding?

Element.getparametervaluebyname node can do this.

The thing I dont understand is what are you transferring the value to? That parameter is schedulable without dynamo.

There are thousands of pipe support elements in the project I left the screenshot of. I want to write the dimensions on them and get autocad export.

I would tag them by selecting them and using the tag all tool. That tag can read out the element’s parameter value if you make it a shared parameter. Dynamo isn’t necessary for this type of workflow, Revit is the best way to do this.

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