Set a value parameter in Parts (Parts by Materials)

Hi everyone! I’ve been building a script to get Parts from Walls with an “essential” material selection (Essential beacuse it’s the restriction that i want to put in the script) a then set a value parameter so i can pick them later to schedule, but i have a problem that i couldn’t solved, and it is that the script is not picking the parts that i need as you can see in the images below, a little help it would be greatful:

Note: the materials i want to pick are 4, in the project i have 2 of them, but the script it’s just picking one and the other is not in the restriction.

Could you maybe share the dyn file and a (sample) revit file?

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Hi @Daan thanks for Reply, both files:
Project1.rvt (1.7 MB) 01-Parts.dyn (56.2 KB)
Thanks a lot for your time!
Note: After you’ve run the Script you will see that the material associated with the structure (Walls) is taken and I want it out of the selection.
I will be grateful for any suggestion!
Revit: 2019.2
Dynamo: 2.0.2

Hi @memo.davila1988,

I will take a look, but i have Dynamo running instead of 2.0.2.
You will probably have to update aswell.

PS: what is your goal with this script? Because i do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve.

I have changed some things in your script, check if this works for you:

01-Parts V2.dyn (50.8 KB)

Hi @Daan, thanks a lot! i will test it and let you know! My goal is to put a mark in every part, so i can Tag them, then schedule the marks that will reference to Areas of the parts, so i will get quantities for drywalls but with the materials that are especificated in the script.

Hi @Daan!! Sorry I’ve been busy with some other Tasks! I got some results from this topic, i Split the script in Two… i did it this way bacause of the workflow that is used where i work:
First make parts from walls, then i select specific parts with specific Materials, so i can assign a value of parameter in the “comments” parameter:

So… The second Script is to assign a sequence to the parts Selected before… so i can tag the Parts by Material:

Thanks to your help, i could organized my nodes to pick the materials! I hope this could help more people!

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