First divide wall into parts, then select all parts


I found this great post:, dividing a wall into parts - it works like a charm! :+1:

Now, what I would like to do, is to select the parts I just created and change "Mark" parameter.
This little operation however is starting to give me a headace :persevere::

  1. Dynamo returns a warning: a cycle dependency exists between two variables
  2. The script won’t “collect” all the elements until I run the script a second time, which obviously generates ALOT of other warnings. :slight_smile:

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

I’m running Dynamo Core -
and Dynamo Revit -

Post several screenshots or your files will be helpful

Sorry, I thought the .dyn file was attached.
I Hope that it is working now.

2018.08.29 - Wall, Divide Parts.dyn (71.9 KB)

your file works fine to me, it doesn’t prompt the errors you mentioned :sweat:. Could you also post your .rvt file as well ?

@jshial, you are right, I just tried to restart Revit and Dynamo - now the error is gone! :+1:

But when one problem is solved, a new arises. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I would like the “all elements by type” node, to select all creaded parts, not just one - how do I achive this if not by “all elements by type”?

I “always” test in an empty metric Revit project, but I’ll gladly attach the file: Divide wall.rvt (436 KB)

All Element Of Category can be very handy, feed it with Category.ByName(“OST_Parts”)

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how do you want to set mark on parts ? I guess you need to reorganize the order of parts :thinking: , the order from All Elements of Category might be “chaotic”.

@jshial, you are absolutely right; the order IS chaotic - at best! :wink:
But I got that part figured out, fore the time being I’m using one script to divide the wall into parts, and one to change parameters for the parts.


I would very much like these two scripts merged into one, but I can’t figure out how to get dynamo to select the elements (parts) created during the running of the scripts.

As far as I can figure out, dynamo only selects the part present in Revit before running the script.

Let’s give it another go :smiley: :


This particular method is very handy :point_down:

For combining scripts: after dividing walls into parts, you can retrieve parts for each wall by this method. (“include Parts With Associated Parts” or “not include Parts With Associated Parts” )


Thanks for the input it’s really really great.
But no matter what method I’m applying, I’m only getting the associated Part OUT, but not the parts I just created.

I don’t get it… :tired_face:

Is it even possible to divide the wall into parts and the select them in the same script??

it’s possible I think, you can just make it happend in the same Python Node, walls get divided first then just use that method to collect the parts from the walls. I need to look through the entire process recently to give a solid answer.:thinking:

Did you find a way?