Revit: Walls to Wall parts and how to copy parameters?

Hi everyone,
I’m not a programmer or anything so I don’t know much but I’m trying to figure out a Dynamo script that could help me copy a Wall Keynote parameter to a shared custom made part parameter AND a way to copy the wall mark to the part mark.
How can I do this?

Hi semi,
you can use a node from “Rhythm” to get the source element from a part : “Parts.GetSourceElement”
and the easily read all the paramenter you want!

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Hi Semi,

It is great to see you in the community! Hopefully, you will find your answers here.

Basically you will need Element.GetParameterByName and Element.SetParameterByName nodes. If you need to retrieve a type parameter value, you will also need Element.ElementType node to reach the correct element and parameters.

Here is a basic example which is similar to what fgn.87 shared:

Please, let me know if you need further help!

Thx, it works! Just not fond of packages, because every Revit version update this could result in a not working script

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