Set a starting view to multiple background opened files

Actuall iam trying to set a starting view to many files some of them is too big and slow while openning
so using rytham package (openning the document in background )
so any ideas of creating an empty drafting view inside each file then set it as a starting view

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@john_pierson could you help !

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This part is going to prove quite difficult.It will require additional python scripting. If the views already exist, we can do that though,

Ok, Let’s assume that we have the views , actuall it`d be great if we can feed,set parameters to elements and change settings in a background opened files @john_pierson

Also, can you set a starting view through the API? I’m only finding ways to get the view…

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Thanks @Einar_Raknes! Will investigate!

@Ahmed_Salah1, getting close to a solution!

I have dynamo doing the following in one document

  1. Background Open

  2. Create Drafting View

  3. Set Drafting View

  4. Save and Close

Needs a bit more work right now though. and once it is done, it will be “as is” because it is a little unstable. :confused:


like i said… working in one document. not working so well in several… Having a transaction happen per file is a bit of a pain. I’m still pretty new to python sadly. :frowning:

That being said, I do have this workflow that works.

@Ahmed_Salah1, let me know if you want to “beta” test. (Or anyone else.)

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@john_pierson , thanks for your effort . This is great
and this could be an awsome thing to get and set parameters in background files because in our projects its a very big files when i tried it gave me a transaction error but for now this is great for me , i dont know how can i have the test files but i need it .
and finally THANKS

Cool, I’ll go ahead and post the nodes to Rhythm. Update to latest and use this file.
draftingView-ToStartView-InDocument.dyn (12.9 KB)

It is also very important to follow the steps I used in the video.

ok i will :smiley: , Thanks Man

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@john_pierson Hi John, I was wondering if you have found a way to have a transaction on multiple documents in a Python node. Can this be done? Any suggestion?


You have to background open each file and go from there. But it works so so. I haven’t revisited this stuff too much though…


Hey @john_pierson,

Could you provide the Custom node definition for Document.SetStartingView? I opened up the graph you posted but I can’t locate the Custom nodes.


Custom nodes in newest version of Rhythm. I revised the background open node, so that may be the error. Attached is a revised graph.

draftingView-ToStartView-InDocument.dyn (12.0 KB)

Ah should have double checked my Rhythm version first, that worked perfectly. Thanks John!


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