Set a parameter to rebar types

How can i solves this problem?

i will have the parameter ^^Klasse^^ whit value ^^3^^ to this rebar types

is Klasse a type parameter?

Perhaps the klasse parameter starts with a uppercase (Klasse)

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What @Nico_Stegeman said. Parameters are case-sensitive, meaning it has to be written the same way it is shown, spaces and uppercases included. If you have it as Klasse in the type parameters, the string in the Dynamo script has to be Klasse as well.

sorry but this is not what i mean,
i wand te make a new parameter to this rebar type’s the parameter name must be’‘Klasse’’ en the value must be 3, how can i do this?

See the image
You can create a project parameter with the node Parameter.CreateProjectParameter.
Type and instance parameter can be created
Greetings Nico

i created a string. if you want te create a number just select in the node Select Parameter Type the parameter type number

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