How can i cast Elementtype to Rebarcovertype?

Hi dynamo forum.
I am working with dynamo to modeling rebar.

I’m trying to retrieve rebar cover properties(like 25mm).
So i collect RebarCover Type but as you can see, the collected RebarCoverType are Elementtype.

How can i cast it?

In the other post i searched, which same as I, the RebarCoverType displayed “RebarCoverType” not Element Type.

Is this an Error?

Please i need your help

I don’t know if you have to put in a type, maybe you need something else. Can you get the Parameter with the Parameter.ByName. Then you can query the StorageType of the Parameter.

To anwser your question, it is not possible to cast types in Dynamo

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Hey ,
I think, you need to edit the family and make that parameter (cover parameter) from type to instance.
Then you can change or edit the family parameter.

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Dear @Joelmick , @honeyjain619

I have solved the problem like image below.

Thanks for your opinion.