Sequentially renumbered

Hello Is there a way to autonumber into revit “model text” in using dynamo? Thanks in advance. Fanny

Maybe you can modify this?

This is change the room number through spline through points has been modified,but i want to change “model text” unable to solve.
There is a better way to do this?many thanks.

Hi Jhon
Many thanks! but not room space is 3D model text. Is there a way to automatic renumbering?
Thanks in advance.

Can realization this? There are experts can help?
Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks

Hey Fanny, your problem is that for some reason the modeltexts are in the “generic models category”. So you can get all the elements of the generic model category and filter them to finally get the model texte like this:

Hi Mostafa
Thanks for your help.
I appreciate you very much.Give me great help.


Hi Fanny,

Are you looking for something like shown below?

Model Text