Renumber rooms by multiple Splines

Dear Dynamo Forum Community,

I’m trying to renumber rooms of a residential buildings with multiple Splines.

Do you have any tips to do so?

Thanks in advance

Search the dynamobim forums? I mean your post is so low effort… :astonished: :zipper_mouth_face:

Have you tried anything so far? please post anything more than just a petition, a graph with what you have tried, a sketch of what are you trying ot achieve, is it too different from running one script multiple times on multiple model lines?

Dear @LievX,

This is the apartment building that I have:

I want to renumber the rooms according to splines, I’m aiming to do this all at once, that’s why I want to select these splines show above in the picture to do so.

For intersecting the rooms with splines, I’m using the method above to do so, but the list I get at the end “List.SortList” node, is for all the intersecting rooms.

Now I want somehow to sort these rooms into groups.