Element Renumbering Left to right Bottom to Top


I am trying to number revit elements per level (Walls, Columns, Beams) with a Shared param = ‘Wall No.’ from Left to right and bottom to top. By what i understand, I have to sort the list of elements by their respective X & Y Location in the model and then create a list count + insert before using ‘set param by name’ to get the final result/ numbered elements in the model.

Kindly help me fix the logic for this.
Refer attached png file for reference

Check this out and see if this is what you have in mind…

The Point.DeconstructPoint is from Grimshaw package.

Setting the Value to the required parameter is pretty straight forward… (The Get Item at Index is only for checking purposes. I intentionally created walls in a random way to see if the sort was working)

Hope this works for you…

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