Sequence of instance parameter of structure framing

Hello everyone,

kindly see the attached files.
i have successfully done beam reinforcement schedule to excel.
but i cant control beam numbering/sequence when i export to excel.
beam numbers is sequence by element id.
i want to change by beam number (like B1,B2,…B11,B12…) when i export to excel.
so we can easily edit beam reinforcement schedule in excel and back to revit.
any ideas? let me know if any details required.
REVIT 2016, DYNAMO 1.2.1

Revit to Excel.dyn (26.1 KB)

Try using a List.GroupByKey node to organize them into groups. Here is a test I did with steel beams to get the relative information per beam based on the “Type Name”.

thank for your reply,
as you can see i need shared parameter name “TAGG” sequence in schedule.(i am using Shared parameter for Beam number). Is there any option to use shared parameter instead Type Name?

Yes, if you were to use the “TAGG” parameter, but I think you need to look at a post like this one.

This will give you more information about how to “sort” it how you want by “TAGG”.

@SeanP i am using dynamo 1.2.1 and revit 2016. ORCHID PACKAGE is not available for dynamo 1.2.1. version. and dynamo’s new version is not available for revit 2016. :hushed:

Would it be possible for your to number all of your beams like B01, B02, B13, B14 etc? If so, you could use a standard List.Sort node.

Revit to Excel.dyn (28.0 KB)

i think i cant change beam numbers because if i have more then 1000 beams then i need to rename my beam number like B0001, B0002, B0013, B0014.

@erfajo thanks for reply, can you please tell me how to install Orchid manually?
i have tried in dynamo search for package but it says "the following packages use a newer version of Dynamo than you are currently using ; orchid 0.0.1 do you want to continue?

You could use Dynamo to rename them all with a List.PadLeft node if you wanted too. Let us know if you can get Orchid installed, but if not you may be able to “rename” the beams in Dynamo, just to use them as a sorting list for what you are trying to do, but not actually rename them in the model. I may take look at it tomorrow for you if you don’t resolve it, but right now its 2am and I am headed to bed.

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i have downloaded zip file.
i tried but i think Orchid is not support to revit 2016 dynamo 1.2.1.

Dear @erfajo
after some uninstall & install, its works.
i changed name as you said

many thanks
here latest dynamo file.

Revit to Excel.dyn (28.1 KB)

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Hello, Imran

Similarly, I try to automatically name a beam system that I place in the X and Y coordinates. I’m very new to Dynamo and I’ve read other topics as well. What I’m trying to do is give the beams names like TB1, TB2. For this, I copied a similar dynamo script under the Structural framing category but did not work for my case. I aim to learn Dynamo like you guys so hope you will give me a hand. Sincere regards

Note: I could not upload any attachment due to I am novice here :-/

Hi @muhammed_agca, kindly start new topic with your query, its already have solution.