Is it possible to create structural beam types from a schedule using dynamo?

So basically I need to model a structural model from a finished CAD drawing. Now it includes a lot of beams. Is it possible to automate the beam type creation process using inputs from an excel file? I just need to change the width, depth and name. I can do it manually using edit type and duplicate but it takes a lot of repetitive work. Is this possible in dynamo? if so what is the workflow? Thanks

Hello @jesvicnaag08

Could something like this work for you ?

sure possible, I would give the beams a mark and filter the parameters to the beam you want to change.

categorie node → all elements of categorie → get parameter (to filter your mark), maybe you have to sort it. → element.setparameterbyname.
you also have to import the data from excel to feed the element.setparameterby name

I think you don’t need any custom node for this.

other way is just build from cad export csv a structural foundation. this will be more work for sure. (extract data from cad)

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Yes…you dont need custom node…you can use OOTB elementtype.duplicate as well

i’ll check this out! thanks!

ill check this out