Sequence of Connected Mechanical Elements

Hi community,

I’m asking for some advice. Had some failed attempts, really need some thoughts outside the box.

Let’s say if I can provide a starting point, a starting element (a duct or air terminal perhaps) and a ending element, how to define a sequence for them given they are just connected?

Well, there’s no ME system. In and Out connector of Duct can be reversed. Connector on Fan can be wrong as well (such as a axial fan having both connector as “In” or “Out”). So the only thing I can work with is the fact that elements are connected, that’s it… cannot trust the “In” “Out” indicator on the elements originally.

What’s worst is I need to tell it to “turn right” in the following image:
(pls ignore the parts that do not make much sense, like 2 Outlets of axial fan, or that tap is flipped)

Any advice will do. Thx!

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Hello @jshial ,

There is one node in MEPover package, “elements in connected network”
provide input as first or last element in the network, then it will give you elements connected in that network in a sequential order.


@honeyjain619 this is a godsend. think about the time I spend on traversing those connectors, those ConnectorTypes…

thank you so much!