Sequential list of system elements ID

All welcome!
Tell me please.
Is there a node that creates successive lists of ID elements from the air terminal to the fan.
the quality of the whistles should correspond to the number of air terminals.
In each list, the succession of elements is formed by the movement of air from the air terminal to the fan.

is this what You are looking for?

Do You need to do it for separate duct systems?

Получение списка участков систем вентиляции.dyn (9.1 KB)

But you need to get a polled list of the system.
It would be nice to get a node. Both for air ducts and for pipes.

Interesting idea, but what will you do when it reaches a T?
I think you will either need to mark one route as the primary (Maximum length or pressure drop) route through the system.
Or, calculate every branch and then automatically select the combination of branches with the highest pressure drop.

I would approach this differently. First for every duct or fitting get the ID of the (2 or 3) connected elements and write this into parameters in each duct or fitting. (ID in, ID out, ID Branch)
Then, get all the ducts and fittings per system and use the parameters to sort into the correct order.

  1. It is necessary to build the number of entries equal to the number of air termals in the system.
  2. In the list, the sequence from the air terminal is built up to the end of the network (fan). Ie at first the elements of the branch, then the main elements and ducts without branches.
  3. Yes in the lists will be the repetition of the elements.
  4. e.g. each list generates a sequence of elements by the movement of air from / to the air terminal to the fan.