Element.SetParameterByName Not a Number Warning

Hello All,

I have successfully used this script in Revit 2019 to assign new mark values to members in my Revit model. I am using the same script in Revit 2021 (Dynamo Revit and now the Element.SetParameterByName node will not re-assign the Mark values to the elements that are being read into the node. It is giving me a warning that the states that the parameter’s storage type is not a number. The values that I am trying to assign are being read in from Excel and they are numbers according to the Validation.isDouble node. In summary, I am trying to re-assign mark values to members in my model from an Excel spreadsheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @PhillipA try number to string, here i use spring

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That worked! Thank you @sovitek for the quick response!

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