Separate List into Two Separate Lists Based on Text

Hello All,

I am trying to separate my wall types into two groups. Interior and Exterior. I would like to have a list for each group. My plan is to call to the name of each type because they are labeled as interior and exterior, however I am unable to find out how to do this. Could someone kindly review my node setup and guide me to the next step? Thanks a ton!

You are close! If you connect a Watch node to your String from Array node you will see that this node turns your list(array) into a single string. Replace that node with String from Object and you will see a list of booleans in the watch node connected to the String.Contains node, you can then use those booleans with List.FilterByBoolMask nodes :slight_smile:

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Thank you @awilliams! That got it! My end goal is to assign these two lists to different worksets. My last two groups of nodes work when pulling elements from a category, but not from these lists. My guess is that I need to now convert these two lists from strings back to elements. Is this the case, and if so what is the method of doing so? What am I missing? I appreciate the help!

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Hi @christianjgentry

You need to connect elements lists at filterbybool mask node. Element.SetParameter node needs elements to set the values currently your assigning strings.


Thanks a ton @Kulkul! That really put me on the right path. I tried making the connection where you showed me but I actually had to go one list back for it to work. I attached the working script to show. Thank you all so much again, that solved my problem and I learned a ton!

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@christianjgentry You’re welcome!