Extract different geometries of a list

Hi all¡

I´m new in this world of Dynamo, it is fascinating¡. I have a problem with a very long list with many types of geometries (well actually I only have 2 types; surfaces and lines). I want to extract of the list all the surfaces. ¿How can i do that? I found many answers for working with elements…but now are different geometries so I am a little bit lost…



You need to put the node “==” ( if value equals 1 or 0) to get " true" or " false" values.
“List.FilterbyBoolMask” needs “true” or " false" value list.

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I would use a groupby node of some kind and then use the object.type node to do group the items by their type.

You could use an approach similar to this …
Separate "arc" and "lines"?

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Thx all of you by your answers…Hyun_Tak your answers works well but the one that Vikram_Subbaiah provide is amazing¡¡

Thx a lot guys.