Selections of Multiple corridor baselines

Hi, i am still exploring my ways through Dynamo for civil 3D, i need to select particular corridor baselines but not able to do it. Can anyone help in this ?

@shahid.shaikh_C3D welcome to the forum, pay attention to the name you are passing, the Corridor.Baselines node shows a different name for the first item, try this: ā€œPKG6-M-C-01ā€

Thanks Paolo for reply, its an honor to get a reply from legend.

The query is about the other baselines, the first baseline i am able to select and run based on List.FirstItem. I need to select other baselines also along with first. which i am not able to do with the my current knowledge of Dynamo.

If you need a Baseline by name, you better use that Node (BaselineByName) instead of first item of a list.

If you need two seperate Baselines, you can combine them in a new list and proceed from there.

Thanks, Anton.
So if i need multiple baselines of a corridor i need to add each one separately using BaselineByName then add them all to a list and then proceed.

Try making a list of the names and feed that into the Baseline.ByNames.

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Much better solution :+1:

Thanks, this resolved the issue i was facing. created a code block with names of all the base line and given it as a input to Baseline.Byname. It worked.

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