Split corridor baseline in multiple regions

Hi, is there a way to split corridor baseline into multiple regions using dynamo? I have tried to use AddRegion node from Civil3d toolkit but it works only for the first station from the list. Thank you in advance!

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Hi @ion.bobeico,

Are you trying to split regions that already exist or are you starting with an empty baseline and adding new regions?

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Hi @mzjensen , Iā€™m trying to add new region to an empty baseline.

@mzjensen Has anyone made any progress on this node? The same thing is happening to me where I have a model with a single baseline and one region. When I try to split the region with 100 plus stations it only splits the model with the first station in the list.

Is this what your looking for? this one works for me to split a region, only I dont know how to make it easy for 100+ regions.

Try this, pass a list of stations in reversed order.


How can we use this to split multiple baselines if we have a dictionary with baseline names as Keys and the list of respective splitting stations as values.

Any sort of help will be much appreciated.

Hi Paolo,

Could you please explain the concept behind giving the stations in reverse order?