Select element in Dynamo

Hi all,

any way or future possibility to select an element in dynamo 3D window by mouse clicking? This function would be amazing for commands like chamfer on solids, bridges and creases with tspline etc.

Thank you!

It’s your lucky day:

“Select Model Element” is a node that exists.

Dear PauLtus.

I mean Dynamo geometry and elements NOT REVIT.

As of now I can only use get item at index and similar nodes.

@mikael_deity, well, it’s possible but not that simple to reproduce :persevere:
DynaShape package by @LongNguyen has this type of functionality:

Exactly that inspired me that it may be possible! And so useful!

Forgive me…


Seems like feature existed!

@Zach_Kron how can we use it?

You select the Point.ByCoordinates node and then go into background geometry preview. From there you get the grips.


@john_pierson, thanks for pointing out! This is not an obvious thing :face_with_monocle:

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