Selecting rooms by list in Dynamo player


Hi, I’ve made a working dynamo script to create wall finishes by rooms. I made it possible to filter by room name, selecting rooms in model and all rooms at once. But the best option would be to select the desired rooms in a menu at the dynamo player to make it easy to use and more flexible.

Dynamo script


Not seeing the dyn in the link provided - can you upload again?

Likely the ‘Select Model Elements’ node (or the similar one in various packages) is the right way but hard to say without seeing it. Datashapes could be useful here.


Now it should work. I updated the link. I tried the “SelectItem.ByList” node from the Juggernaught package but I can’t use it as a input and when selecting items in the list the Dynamo crashes


Here’s a bit of data shapes for you… Maybe it’s useful…

RoomList.dyn (42.8 KB)