How to get room parameters into walls (manual selection)

Hi everybody,

It’s my first time here :smiley:
I would like to talk about my first Dynamo script that consiste of selecting a room and a wall, then taking the room informations in order to put it into wall parameters.

The problem is that my room selection does work in Dynamo (i have to use “TAB” to select the room)
but i can’t select the room when i use the Dynamo player because we can’t use “TAB”.
Any idea about how to solve that problem ?


hi if you cannot select the room manually, why not select the room by their identifying parameter (ex. room name, room number, etc.)


this is how to filter get a room by their names:

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Hi thank you for the reply. The idea was that the user don’t lose time by searching the room name and writting it in the script.
I was wondering if i was alone to have that selection problem.
I will try your solution and see what users says. :grinning: