I used a Code Block for ElementSelector.ByUniqueId( id, true) but it askes me for 2 inputs.

And this gives me the Non pointer error

This used to be just one input like this:

I got this from AU http://www.revit.com.au/1564/

What happened here and how do i correct this?


@Marcel_Rijsmus May it is due to you might have some custom packages installed in your system. Try this:

I never fully understood why, but in some cases, I am obliged to put “Autodesk.” before these function in code blocks.




@Marcel_Rijsmus Which Dynamo version your using? Show us screenshot of your nodes library. Do you have any custom packages installed? Did you try restarting your pc?

It is working for me, actually. Revit 2016, Dynamo 1.2


@viktor_kuzev May be its due to some custom nodes installed in @Marcel_Rijsmus PC.


Revit.ElementSelector seems to work.


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