Selecting multiple elements - Pipe changes Copper to PVC

Hey there, I’m trying to get my script to select all the current pipe types and change them from Copper to PVC. There was another forum of this but the method didn’t run for me due to the node being expunged.

Here is my script, just wondering if anyone knows a replacement for the nodes “Select model Elements” or “Pick all elements” from rhyChange pipe type.dyn (4.8 KB)

Am I looking like I need to venture into Python territory ?

Any assistance would be great thanks!

From looking at your script, there are a couple issues.

All Elements of Type node returns element instances that are placed in the project. You have that fed into the value input of SetParameterByName. That should instead be inserted into the element part of that node.

The value should be the family type you want to change it to. In this case, you should find the familytype for PVC pipe and insert it as the value. There is a Family Type node that has a dropdown menu. Look for the correct type and use that as the value.

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Hi I fixed it. Sorry I don’t know how to close the group