Change Pipe Type Query

Hi there

Just hoping to be able to make a script that changes pipe type but keep routing preferences.

This has been posted before im sure. I have Pipe type 1 that is model wrong through out the whole job. It needs to be changed to Pipe type 2 but they have different sized fittings etc. There is an option within revit to do this “Change Type” which when pipe is selected it changes the pipe and fittings to the correct type.

Is there anyone out there that knows of a node or python that can handle this task? I have a script to change the pipe type but then Im stuck with the wrong fittings.



Hi Garry, take a look at the MEPover package. I would first get all of your pipes, filter them to only include incorrect types, and then use the MEP Curve Connected Fittings node as noted here. If you just need to change the type of fitting, this should be rather simple, but if you need to use an entirely different family, you might have to delete the existing element, place a new family at the same location, and reconnect all of the loose connectors as you will not longer have a continuous system.

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Thank for you reply. Cheers that was my first attach at this issue. Problem is who ever modeled this project orginally use custom pipe fitting families. When the are simply swapped to OTB Revit families they break straight away. I can only get it to work properly by changing the type in Revit.Annotation 2020-03-06 160259