Select family types without Family types node

I have been select all families in the project and I applied a filter to obtain only the families listed in a Excel file.

These new list of families I should rename them with new names in the same Excel file.

I have a dynamo script for to do this actions, but additionally I need select all family types for each ones families selected previously.

I select the family type of family but I can’t rename them

I used “Element.SetNane” of Clockwork and works fine whit families but doesn’t work with family types.


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hmmm… maybe you need a passthrough node
wait for renaming the family , than change the type.



The node has no way to know that you’re trying to change the type name. In both spots you use the node 'Element.SetName` your input is an Element object. Taking a look at the code itself, when it encounters an Element object, it just updates the Name attribute.

If you want the node to update a different parameter, you need to give it that parameter instead of the element itself. I’m not sure if this will work, since the script is looking for a FamilyParameter specifically, but try putting this after your Flatten node, and before your Element.SetName node.