Selecting family instances in a sequence

I want to create a facade with a random patern. If I have an array of family instances (wall panels), can I select them one by one in Dynamo and change an instance parameter for each panel? Can I select objects by ID?

Thanks for the help.

Also take a look at Andreas' tool for arranging and manipulating panels on a surface:

Thanks, man! :)

check out a reply to a similar post i created.

Correct me if I am wrong.

After some contemplation I decided that it is easier to create instances of wall panels from Dynamo, rather than change instances that are already in the project. This way, information about the instances of wall panels would be already in Dynamo environment in the form of lists. This example was really helpfull:

Still would be nice to be able to select instances by ID.

Why none of the links above are not respinding ?
I have similar problem to solve.
Can I select multiple instances of a family belonging to different types ?