Index Family Instances

Is there yet a method of indexing multiple family instances of the same type and organize the list of those instance parameters for lets say "Height". So this list of instance parameters can then be organized and re-arranged to spit out patterns? There is a method already when Dynamo is creating the instances, although my thought would be to index previously placed components. I noticed there was a similar post but not response. I noticed posts about generating Parameters from Image, in order to modify those parameters based on the image map, they must be indexed in a specific way?


I also have an expansion on creating indexed family instances from converting surface UV's to XYZ values.

here something i threw together additionally adding how to filter some elements from the indexed list using a number sequence.

thanks! i actually hooked some watch nodes up to the script and found this, but i am still very noob and this is extremely helpful!!! you guys rock

Wow . . . doesn't get much more concise than that . . .Thanks Stephen!

This is a faster and more concise way to accomplish what Zach did:

Alternatively, this is how you can select a group of placed families that already have a mixed set of parameter values and sort them according to that parameter value

Hi William,

Try this in the latest build from

or use the "select curves" node in 0.5.2 (there is a "bug" where it allows multiselect of any Revit element)