Select parameters by value

I have a set of objects with a parameter I need to change. Some of the objects have a correct value in this field and some don’t. I want to list the items so I can select them in revit and change the value. I can’t seem to get the boolean mask working right, all values in the list go to false. I’m not sure if Dynamo is comparing the code block to the number in the list instead of the parameter, but I don’t have any errors. The 220 in the code block was me trying to troubleshoot the resulting list. I’m looking for 2.7432.

You are trying to compare two different data types (strings and doubles), which then evaluates to false for each number. For example, 1 == 1, but "1" != 1. If you change your "2.7432" (string) to 2.7432 (double), it should work. If it still doesn’t work, you may have to round the parameter values to 4 decimal places to match the number you are looking for.

That worked! Now I need to take that filtered list and select it in revit. How do I do that?

The list can be filtered using a List.FilterByBoolMask node and they can be selected using a SelectInRevit node from the SpringNodes package.

That’s the script that worked for me. Thanks for the help!

Note that you can use Schedules directly in Revit to filter by parameter values and select elements. In this case, Dynamo is not really needed, even though it can be more fun :slight_smile: