Select by parameter Value node

Hello everybody, I’m a Dynamo beginner user, I’m trying to select some elements with a specified paramenter value read from an excel. I already read some solutions in this forum but they not completely fit my scenario. I’m trying to use this specified node from archi-lab packages: Select.byparametervalue. Does anybody knows what’s the inputs for “evaluator” an “rule”?


Since you’re a beginner, learn how to use FilterByBoolMask. You’ll find that is an invaluable tool that you’ll will need over and over and over again.

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Thank you so much Bjorn, I tried but I can’t figure how to use this method to filter elements with a list of values e not a single value

If you want everything that passes for value A OR B in 1 list:

Or you can GroupByKey using your Comments Value and then ask for the relevant sublists from the Grouped result. Then you have all passing elements in 1 list, divided into 2 sublist, 1 for value A, 1 for value B.

Your solutions have been illuminating for me, maybe I did’t explain well the point, i would select elements with specified values in a parameter and then change another value parameter of them, so it’s not only 2 value. I tried this solution following your advice, maybe I got the point, what do you think? my script will explain better than me :smiley:

You notice that you’r only changing 4 elements out of 500?

Change the wiring here:

You really should tell people what your goal is with a piece of script this kind of replacement can be handled with a dictionary really well:

(Or assuming from your example, you can also just read the value, strip all the characters except the last one and push that back)

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Thanks :smiley: