Select views by parameter

hi dears

i need to select the views from the projects browser by any project parameter to add in this nodes

can any one help me

thanks in advance

There is a node in archi-lab package called Get All Views. It will give you a list of views. Use Element.GetParameterValueByName on it and you will be almost there.

i want to select some views like (set1 or set2 or set3) not all floors from the node get all views yes i know that node but i need select any view as per required


Hi Mostafa,

Read this post you will find complete list of Dynamo nodes with description.Try to learn and understand the function of each nodes. Coming back to your issue. There are different methods to achieve what your looking for. See below and try to understand how it works.

Option-1 (Using archi-lab package)



Good Luck!