Select User Defined Sub-Categories that contain "Clearance"

Goal: Turn off all sub-categories whose name contains “clearance” from linked MEP model in all views and view templates in my Architectural Model.

Problem: I’ve tried to create these sub-categories in my MEP placeholder model of my Architectural template so that I can have them turned off in all my views / view templates, but when the model is “reloaded from” once we receive an MEP model, those user-created sub-categories that come from various mech and elec. equipment manufacturer’s models get turned back on. I want to be able to turn all the various “clearance areas”, “clearance zones”, “clearances”, etc. off in all my views.

I’ve found topics on selecting sub-categories, but not user-created sub-categories. How do I give a custom input to sub-category or a filter that includes all sub-categories whose name contains a specific word?