Select points on a divded surface

i want to select all the points from my divided surface on a in place mass family ( triangle points) two do i do that?

Package Clockwork has a node called DividedSurface.EvaluateGridNodes that will give you UVs and Points.


it returns null values…my object is a in place mass surface with a triangle pattern.

what object are you passing to the node? can you post a screenshot?

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i selected the mass as the model element…i cant select the divided surface directly as it is in a mass family. also tried lunchbox triangle panels but it doesn’t give a me equilateral triangles.

Yes, I can see how that would be a problem. If it’s a project mass I’m not sure there’s a solution - I don’t think the API will let you access a divided surface in a project mass. Otherwise you would have to run your script in the conceptual mass family file.

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I can select them by family instance but the points i get are always have strange offsets and dont look like they were from that suface