Select objects of type "Plane"


So I try to select all the planes in my drawing (in this case 101 items). But it doesnt show any results with select objects by type. the type can be seen in the image below.

I tried two solutions, both can be seen in the image below:

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that it isnt a object type or something?

So my question is: how can I check if there are any planes within my drawing?

Hi @remco.dejong ,

Planes aren’t AutoCAD object types, just Dynamo types. Unless you’ve exported your Dynamo planes as surfaces or something similar your AutoCAD drawing won’t have planes.

As for your first problem/ question, scroll to the right in that list, your results are now getting cut off.

huh wait, why are they usable in the 3D modelling mode then?
But if I understand you correctly there isnt any option to check if there are planes?

Could you share a screenshot of an AutoCAD model where you have a Plane selected? Maybe I’m mistaken.

does it have to be a separate dyn script? when you create the planes with the one discussed yesterday, the plane.byoriginnormal node output contains the planes (they are dynamo objects not acad).

I don’t have a plane selected. I created 101 planes based on 101 lines (If I’m correctly you also helped there), so I want to check if there are lines or planes in the drawing, so that it can possible skip that part (so that it wont make duplicates of the lines and planes).

I don’t know if you understand what I said there, I had some trouble to make myself understandable

The problem with this is that it makes those planes based on all the lines in a specific layer within my drawing. I want to check if there are any planes in the drawing and if this returns a “true” value that it then skips the part where the planes are getting created (so that it wont make duplicates)

The planes are not Acad objects, they exist in dynamo only. You can execute geometry operations in dynamo, and then create the result in acad if needed.

okay, so that means that there isnt a option in which I can check if there planes in the drawing. I suppose I have to check it earlier then, and look if there are already those lines in the drawing, thanks for your help!