Archi-lab node elements in room listing elements near room as being inside room

I am creating a list of elements in rooms to export a list of equipment in each room from a linked model. I create a list of rooms from linked model, them elements in room ends up listing elements that are up to 41" outside room boundary. How can I tighten the node to only show elements that have insertion points inside the boundary of the room?

Can you show your graph? This may be due to how the linked model was inserted.

Hi Jacob, thanks for the interest in this puzzle. Attached is a screenshot I had sent to a friend, disregard the blue circle. I thought maybe it was a offset from the boundary line that I just had to get instances away from the boundary line (which would make me have to change my equipment layout every time I wanted to make a list, but there were instances far from each other that were showing up as being in the same room. Also I was able to filter rooms that were supposedly empty and below generate a list of all rooms from linked file. Now the filtered elements in room list was simply applying the names on the room list in that order instead of displaying the name of the correct room it was in.I even generated a points map to see if the points were dislocated but they werent.

Instead of working with the link document, try working with the link instance. This will allow you to pull the element locations and apply whatever transforms have been applied to the link, which may resolve the issue.

Same Get.DOcuments node, into a Springs.Collector.LinkedInstanceElements. Take the elements and get their geometry. Take the geometry and use a Geometry.Transform, using the transform element from the Springs node as the coordinate system.

Hi Jacob, this solution didnt work as well. Most likely due to another little issue im working on. The geometry isn’t aligned with the model. This might be part of the reason elements arent being recognized within the room boundaries.

That’s likely what’s going on. Can you post the DYN you’re working with? I’ll try and make the required edits later tonight or tomorrow.

Hi Jacob. Attached is the DYN screenshot of the part regarding the room geometry. Hopefully this being fixed I will be able to make the archi-lab elements in room recognize correctly which elements are in each room.

You’re still getting the elements from the original link - Wire the elements from the Springs.Collector.LinkedInstanceElemetns node into the Element.Geometry node thusly:

Let me know if that doesn’t resolve that issue. :slight_smile:

I get an error if I connect directly.

Pretty straight forward error on the previous node - your link isn’t loaded so the instance has no element geometry. Check your links or select a single link instance that’s loaded in. I often find it best to test in a small simple project instead of a real world example. :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob, My apologies, I clipped the image so its missing the link on the left, but the link is loaded. It can be seen from the other nodes that info is being pulled from the link, such as the rooms, and room names. The main goal is to make dynamo recognize the room boundaries from the linked model, the geometry helps see where it is placing the boundaries, second step is to make it match the model.

It looks like they have been unloaded, but not all have been unloaded, though not necessarily all links.

Check the area circled in red below.

Note that you may not have added the code block circled in blue to the string of data.

Hi @oliver.goulartyoung

Do these changes and you should be good to go then:

Hi guys, unfortunately those suggestions did not fix the issue, attached is a screenshot of the situation.

You missed a few markups.

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Hi Jacob, thanks for the eagle eyes. I completed the markups and for some weird reason it creates 2 volumes for the building. The goal is to have that volume align with the model.