Select Multiple Edges Node?


The “Select Edge” Node is exactly what I need, except I would like to be able to select multiple edges instead of using a single node for each edge and then combining them in a list. Any suggestions?

Hi Alexandra,


Did you ever overcome this problem?

If you download the “Dynamo for Rebar” package, you’ll find a “Select Edges” node in there:



why i don’t find the “Select Edges” node after i install the package?

This is a brilliant post. Thanks! Needed it.

But I can’t find the node either. :\ (after installing the package)

Hello @Dimitar,

Are you sure this is in the DynamoRebar package? no one seems to find it. Thanks!


I had another look. I don’t have access to the source code but it seems that the rebar package has some very specific dependencies - you need to get the right version of Revit and Dynamo for the “Select Edges” node to appear. For example for ver. 0.1.0 of the package, you need Dynamo 0.82 and Revit 2016.

Alternatively, if you want to have something that’s version agnostic, you could try the following python code - simply toggle the boolean and re-run your graph to enable the selection mode inside Revit. Be sure to press the “Finish” button inside Revit for your selection to be finalized. I’ll add this to spring nodes some time later.


Thanks for everything Dimitar, can’t wait until you do.