Pick Edge for Dynamo Player

Is there a package that contains a pick edge node that works with Dynamo Player? Similar to the pick model element in the Rhythm package.

I believe there is a select edges node in the dynamo for rebar package that you could try. Or at least there was previously, not sure as I am away from the office.

Hi @JacobSmall , @upwallJosh
With the new update of Dynamo Player you can do all type of selection by default : edge , faces and elements.

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@Bzz, yep, but that’s true only for Revit 2018.1
Those who haven’t updated their projects, can’t use this cool stuff…

@upwallJosh, this is possible using Data-Shapes’ nodes.

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I select the same edges wiith UI.SelectEdges Data and Revit select edges but they seem to be a different. SelectEdges Data appears to be wrong. Does anyone know whats going on? Or another way I can select edges with dynamo player and UI input?

5 years later, so you may not get much traction here… Best to start a new thread with a sample data set attached so that if this is a bug we can ID the version effected.