Select Revit Elements from a List of Names and Assign to Workset

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to extract a list of floor types, filtered by name. I then want to take those filtered, and select the items in REVIT, so I can assign them to their own Workset. The small graph I have created (attached) allows me to generate a filtered list as I had intended, separating all items with the type name prefix ‘PTA-LF’ from those with a different prefix. I have identified nodes provided by packages that allow me to ‘Select in Revit’ (Springs/Modellical for example), and they seem to work when I use in conjunction with a simple input (e.g. when I plug in 'all elements of category directly, it successfully selects all elements), however not when i plug the list of extracted elements. Dynamo appears to have recognized these elements, but my selection in REVIT is not made. Am I missing a step here? Regarding assigning these elements to a workset, I havent got that far yet. Happy for suggestions on that as well!

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use this concept to set workset instead of selecting in revit

Thanks for your response khuzaimah. Still struggling. It won’t allow me to assign those elements for some reason, I am getting the following error message:

*Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. *
The parameter is read-only.

See below. Your comments are greatly appreciated!