Select model curves of Revit Families and hide them



Hi all, I have some adaptive families in Revit with a lot of unnecessary edges, and I`m trying to hide them. I started using the tool Linework in Revit to change the line Style to invisible. It works but it’s take to much time. So i tried to do something in Dynamo, but I don’t know if it’s possible to select the model curves of a family. I tried with select edges but the result in Dynamo is a line of Dynamo and not a element (model curve) of Revit that I can use. Do someone have some idea?


Any idea about this. I also have this problem.


You can message people individually by clicking on their name and the message button. This might be more useful than commenting on several different threads that are each years old.

As for getting to the linework tool using Dynamo, I don’t believe it is possible still. Here is a post on the autodesk forums where they say that you can call the command like you would in Revit but there is no built in way to feed edge information to the command.

If the tool is not exposed in the Revit API, then it is not possible to do in 3rd-party programs like Dynamo.